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Floor Screed Botcheston

When you need floor screed Botcheston then Borley’s are the professionals number one choice. Floor screed is a material that is applied on internal floors to create a smooth, level surface that is strong and durable. Screed is a crucial aspect of the construction or renovation process as it ensures that the floor is structurally sound and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

One of the main advantages of flooring screed is that it helps to create a flat, level surface for any flooring material to be laid on top of. This means that the final flooring material, whether it be tiles, carpet, or hardwood, will have a smoother finish and look fantastic.

Moreover, our floor screed is made with ingredients to help prevent cracks or unevenness in the floor over time. This is because it ensures that the foundation of the flooring is strong and able to bear weight without shifting or settling.

We’ve been delivering quality materials to homes and sites since 1983 and we love being a part of the local community and we deliver floor screed direct to Botcheston. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and place your order

Exceptional floor screed for a perfect finish.

For floor screed Botcheston simply get in touch and let us know what you need, the type of floor you are laying and your measurements.

Botcheston Flooring Screed Supplier

Using the latest screed mix design, Borley’s Floor Screed is created to order and has all the ingredients for a superb, long lasting floor.

Consistency is the key. Our screed is the same perfect consistency on  the last shovel as it is on the first.

Superb screed results from the inclusion of an SBR Flexi mix, reinforcing fibres, high strength cement, a plastercising agent and an 8 hour retarder ~ which means it can be worked on all day.

Ideal for an internal floor thickness of 3” or less. Lays perfectly on top of underfloor heating due to it’s flexibility.

Deliveries are timed slots so your builder can plan his schedule to perfection.

Delivered in polythene lined bags (keeping the consistency of moisture) – no need for a mixer.
Borley’s screed is the choice of professionals in Botcheston and across the region.

Floor screed Botcheston for the perfect floor.

Floor Screed
Flooring Screed

“What else will you need ?”

Borley’s will supply your floor screed Botcheston, hardcore, Celotex insulation, polythene sheeting –


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