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Borley's Volumetric Concrete

It can be challenging to get the exact consistency and amount of concrete mix that you need. This is where a volumetric concrete mixer comes in.

Our state-of-the-art volumetric mixer precisely measures out the raw materials required for the concrete mix. Perfectly proportioned and mixed in real-time, it gives total flexibility to every task. There’s no risk of having too little or too much concrete – with volume-mix concrete there are no compromises. 

A service that we now offer here at Borley’s Minimix, you can access ready mix concrete by using one of our timed delivery slots. We even have a vehicle tracking system – so whether you need concrete in DerbyshireLeicestershire or Burton you needn’t look any further.

Why Volumetric?

The demand from our customers for volumetric deliveries is rapidly growing, here’s why:

  • Volumetric mixers are able to carry more than traditional drum mixers.
  • Volumetric concrete creates no wastage.
  • All of the concrete supplies and components is transported and stored within separate compartments. This is designed so that you can specify exactly how much concrete you can mix. 
  • As it can be tailored on site, it is a far more flexible option. Any changes in requirements / conditions that occur will not directly affect the mixing of the concrete – unlike traditional drums that have to be mixed ahead of time.

How do Volumetric Mixers Work?

There are several key steps that are required in the process: 

    1. The required amount of concrete materials are stored within the truck. 
    2. The exact specifications are pre-programmed into the mixer – this will vary depending on what the concrete will be used for (i.e a shed base, concrete footings, etc.)
    3. The various raw materials will be mixed within the machine, to the specified consistency. 
    4. Once the concrete mix has been created, it will be poured from the truck into whatever area you need or straight into your barrows (we offer a barrow assist service if needed). A concrete pump may help with difficult access. To ensure that an exact concrete is poured, it will be displayed on the monitor. 
    5. When the process is complete, the amount that’s been poured will be displayed and the final cost of the batch will be determined. 
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What is Volumetric Concrete Used For?

Volumetric concrete can be used for a range of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. And by looking at the above benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s rapidly growing in demand from our customers.

Can We Help With Barrowing?

Yes. Our barrow assist service is available on all volumetric deliveries – just let us know when you call.

Do You Want to Find Out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our new volumetric concrete service, or need to place an order then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today by phoning 01283 762 119

Whatever your building project and whether or not you are a DIYer, a lone builder, a small builders crew or a large organisation, Borley’s will deliver the goods when it comes to ready mix concrete and all building supplies.
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